Introduction to GST

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Total Duration Course Type
20 Hours Classroom

Embedded Tally certificate


1,700+ Learners


Intensive Learning


Expert Faculty

  • Understand the concepts of GST
  • Learn about the implementation and impact of GST in the taxation system
  • Program is mapped and embedded with Tally Online Certificate Exam
  • Extensive Learning hours with 20 hours of classroom training along with real time practice on data sets for better learning and increased retention





NIIT is launching a concept based course “Introduction to GST” which will enable students with Commerce background understand what is GST and its implementation and impact in the taxation system. This course is being launched in partnership with Tally, covering concept based learning.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understanding of Goods and Services Tax concepts
  2. Learn about Supply of Goods and Services
  3. Learn about Time of Supply and Value of Supply
  4. Understanding of Invoicing and Input Credit Mechanism
  5. Returns and Payment of Tax
  6. Consequences of Non-Compliance
  7. Accounts and Other Records
  8. Tax Rate structure and Refund of Tax
  9. Transition to GST and Input Service Distributor (ISD)
  10. Job Work and Non Resident Tax Payer
  11. E-Commerce and Compliance Rating
  12. Understand the role of Tax Return Preparer
  13. Knowledge of GSTN and GSP
  14. Understanding the Audit process
  15. Learn about Demands and Recovery
  16. Learn about Appeals and Revision
  17. Understand Liability to Pay

Introduction to GST

  • Student should be a BCom. Student or Graduate / undertaken Commerce until Class XII Level
  • Should have understanding of taxation system


Undergraduate or graduate or anyone who wants to have an understanding of concepts and implementation of GST

The course curriculum design covers all the major aspects of GST along with its implementation in Tally. The course begins by acquainting the learner with the various concepts of GST and then progresses to implementation and impact of GST in the taxation system, including processing and recording of GST transactions using Tally software. The combination of GST concepts, implementation and impact, delivered by industry experienced faculty makes this course unique.

Expert Faculty: Recognized practitioner experienced in related field interacting with students. Apart from guiding students on concepts and its implementation, he will pose challenges to learners to think through all the topics leading to better learning and increased retention.

Study Material: Students will be provided with study materials developed by Tally. Also students can refer to Tally reference materials to obtain answers to queries generated during the learning process.

Hands-on Learning: Apart from classroom hours, learners will be provided with dedicated machine room hours to practice their learnings on Tally software.

There are as such no pre-requisites for enrolments except the eligibility criteria

  1. NIIT Certification to all learners completing the programme
    • Name: Introduction to GST
    • Type: participation Certificate
  2. Tally certification to learners clearing the Tally Online Exam
    • Name: Introduction to GST
    • Type: E-Certificate from Tally

At the end of this program, the learner will be able to:

i. Clear understanding of GST concepts

ii. Understanding of Invoicing and Input Credit Mechanism

iii. Tax Rate structure and Refund of Tax

iv. Transition to GST and Input Service Distributor (ISD)

v. Knowledge of GSTN and GSP

vi. Understand the role of Tax Return Preparer

vii. Prepare Returns and Payment of Tax

viii. E-Commerce and Compliance Rating